22 Feb 2018

There’s nothing the media loves more than a fight—except for a fight between women. That they love more. Female columnists get paid to stamp on other females. Broadcasters pit gender equality advocates against gender inequality denialists, experts against boorish provocateurs. When I tweeted about the BBC’s persistent false equivalence, a senior journalist accused me of trying to stifle discussion. “We can’t just have women agreeing,” he said, as if feminism were all pussy hats and sweet concord.

In reality, the women’s mo...

14 Feb 2018

Sandi Toksvig is an optimist. To explain why the Women’s Equality Party took flight so fast, she alighted on the metaphor of birds knowing to peck through milk bottle tops. The collective impulse for a feminist party was already in the air. We simply gave voice to that impulse.

She’s right. From the moment we proposed the party, people flocked to join not so much with a sense of starting something new but of continuing the unfinished work of generations. They are surprised not that the party exists but that it took until 2...

2 Jan 2018

Let the bells ring out. A hundred years ago this February, British women won a great war. Not the Great War: Germany wouldn’t agree the armistice that ended World War I for another nine months. The Representation of the People Act, which gained royal assent on February 6, 1918, signified a different kind of surrender, by the male political establishment to the suffragists and suffragettes who had fought—sometimes literally—for the right to vote. The new law enfranchised women and heralded a greater victory still: full equ...

5 Jun 2017

I knew in calling my latest book Attack of the 50 Ft Women that I was setting myself a challenge, just as Sandi Toksvig and I understood that the Women's Equality Party would inevitably rub up against bias, conscious and unconscious. We live in a culture that assumes men and their deeds to be of interest to everyone while women's stories and perspectives are thought relevant only to women. Anything with the word "women" in the title tends to be relegated to programming aimed specifically at women. You'll find more coverag...

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